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High-quality lighting with a skylight effect

Well-dosed light creates a pleasant atmosphere

Efficiency up to 121 lm/W, UGR < 19

The different installation options and size variations offer you a wide range of possibilities for using LUNO SLIM in your project. Larger rooms such as lecture theatres, conference rooms, restaurants and hotel lobbies are just a few examples  ...

Thanks to its CURVED PROFILE, LUNO SLIM blends discreetly into the room in both the surface-mounted and pendant versions and provides high-quality lighting with an SKYLIGHT EFFECT.


  • Recessed, highly efficient microprismatic cover
  • High-quality lighting with skylight effect

Pendant luminaire

  • Particularly slim profile of only 60 mm height
  • Highly efficient microprismatic cover, for an efficiency of over 40 %
  • Special cable clamp fo stable and flexible suspension


LUNO SLIM to enhance natural light

UGR < 19 & System efficiency 114 lm/W

For the three floors of the Iberspa office, luminaires with a high level of visual comfort were selected, a Casambi control system was configured and care was taken to maximise the use of daylight. The aim was to maximise integration and functionality.

Familienname: SPOT

Produktnummer: 139-003-100

Produktart: Einbauleuchte

Variante: Einbaugehäuse

Design: Reflektor weiß

Deckenausschnitt: 58

Einbauhoehetiefe: 70