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Modernisation in line with listed buildings


Built in 1969 to the plans of the architect Paul Baumgarten, the time had now come to bring the building technology of the heritage-protected Federal Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe back into line with state-of-the-art technology. A sustainable and energy-efficient overall renovation, but the appearance of the listed building should be retained.

Lighting solution

During the refurbishment, the format and structure of the historic ceiling must be perfectly transferred to a modern chilled ceiling, and the new lighting must also be based on the existing monument protection requirements. In order to reduce operating and maintenance costs, efficient LED downlights are used instead of the previous downlights with compact fluorescent lamps.

Thanks to standardized diameters, the current LED downlights also fit into the existing ceiling cut-outs without any additional effort, in this case into the reconstruction of the ceiling system of the time.


The result is a new ceiling that combines 1960s aesthetics with the latest building technology.

Just change

Energy-efficient and forward-looking technologies

this matters to all of us ...

... energy-related products need to be put to the test. Legal requirements for modern lighting systems are increasing, as is our environmental responsibility. We think of potential savings in resources and reduction of energy, operation and maintenance costs. We are convinced that through the use of the latest most efficient technology, the consequent focus on application and our discussions with you we can make our environment better.

Easy switch to efficient lighting systems

Today's LED downlights are more compact than downlights at the time. This can be a problem especially for renovations or listed buildings. For this SCHMITZ-WILA provide state-of-the-art LED downlights that fit without extra effort into the ceiling cut-outs with 240 mm (R23) and 280 mm (R27).

Change of complete luminaire

LED downlight with quick mounting ring for use in the existing ceiling opening.

Change of luminaire insert

The existing mounting and cover ring is used again. Only the luminaire insert is switched to LED.

The conceal ring

The conceal ring is the ideal solution if you want to use the entire current variety of SCHMITZ-WILA luminaires.

Additional benefits of LED technology

compared to classic lighting with compact flourescent lamps

  • Less modernization effort and maintenance costs due to long service life
  • In addition to the standard luminous colour 3000/4000 K we also provide dynamic lighting solutions TunableWhite 2700-6500 K or WarmDim 3000-1800 K
  • Less heat dissipation into the room reduces air-conditioninig costs
  • Homogeneous ceiling appearance, no light/dark zones or visible rings on the illuminated area thanks to the integrated diffuser cap
  • Alternatively, there is a version with a reduced installation depth, these downlights are always the right choice for ceiling restrictions
  • SMART LIGHTING: Intelligent light management also saves costs, whether via Bluetooth, existing wiring in your building or other options, we create a modern and energy-efficient solution

Intelligent lighting planning is diverse

Light quality, light management, aesthetics and design are just as important as economy, safety and environmental friendliness.In order to develop your project-related lighting solution together with you quickly and reliably, we have our own project department in-house.

Please contact us for your individual LED project solution.

Project data
Architecture: Assem Architekten, Karlsruhe
Lighting design: Carpus & Partner, Aachen
Developer: Bundesrepublik Deutschland, vertreten durch Staatliches Hochbauamt Karlsruhe
Photo: Stefan Baumann, Karlsruhe,

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