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The G-CONCEPT is so inspirational that you are sure to generate your own most unusual ideas. What's more, its versatility will allow you to put them into practice easily.

The G-CONCEPT combines luminaires with prefabricated gypsum elements for use in dry lining. Made of gypsum plaster, the channels and modules exactly match to the individual lighting system.

Consistently high quality is ensured by mechanised production. This approach makes it easy for the designer to integrate the lighting scheme into the overall architectural concept.

The fusion of light and space

The room is bathed in light emerging from straight stripes or curves in the ceiling or wall, but the luminaires themselves are all but invisible.

Distinctiveness is the hallmark of the G-CONCEPT. Whether you are lighting for effect or to provide low-energy ambient illumination, an abundance of options is available.

Luminaires and gypsum units

from one source

G stands for gypsum

Lighting schemes based on the G-CONCEPT are memorable interpretations

  • Seamless architecture and simple installation using identical materials for profile units and gypsum ceiling
  • Lower total cost and higher quality through standardized production of complex gypsum shapes and less installation effort at the construction site
  • Modular system provides great reliability for cost and quality
  • Perfect match of ceiling and lighting units
  • Real innovation for the builder

tz-200 Creative ceiling design, without edges or corners

The cove lighting system enables creative design of ceilings especially in large rooms.

The gypsum cove elements with rounded contours are seamlessly integrated in plasterboard ceilings and form a homogeneously illuminated light cove without shadows or visible sharp edges or corners.

The arrangement of LED units in cove light

LED-Stripes werden mit der rückwandigen Klebefolie des Stripes in die dafür vorgesehene Führung des Lichtvouten-Oberteils geklebt. Entsprechende Netzteile und Steuergeräte werden in das Unterteil der Lichtvoute gelegt. LED-Stripes werden nur direkt am Netzteil angeschlossen und dürfen nicht verlängert bzw. hintereinander geschaltet werden.

Straight lines and quarter circles with varying radii, full circles, ovals or other free forms can be created. With LED luminaires, coloured light effects are possible it desired.

When fitted with RGB LEDs, coloured lighting effects are possible on request.


Simple, fast and clean

Drywall contractors screw the gypsum channel onto the substructure of the gypsum plasterboard ceiling.

The rounded channel contours seamlessly fit into the gypsum plasterboard ceiling. The remaining wall/ceiling is covered with standard sheets of dry wall.

After the joints are trowelled and the gypsum plasterboard ceiling is painted, the precisely fitting luminaires can be mounted and electrified very easily.