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Flood - Efficient illumination of large surfaces

When large surfaces are to be illuminated in an economical, user-oriented fashion, or with alternating furnishing, a uniform horizontal illumination is required. Whether it is a case of downlights with rotationally symmetric beams arranged in the form of a grid, or with linear luminaires. With a reduced direct glare, the angle of beam of 60° allows a sufficient  component of vertical illumination on the wall. With the aid of predominantly diffusely radiating luminaires with a greater angle of beam, this component can be increased when the danger of direct glare increases.


Spot - Effective dramatics of light

When the objective is to create atmospheres of light, then luminaires for halogen or high-pressure discharge lamps with narrow beams with small angles of radiation of 10 degrees are the right choice.Whether it is for the specific illumination of tables in bistros, reception areas or for presenting products, the vertical illumination which is only present due to its minimal reflection can be increased with the aid of swivelling luminaires.


Asymmetrical - Zonal leadership

Illuminating surfaces only "from a basic approach" leads to something - literally. Zones of light such as these, serve as directional illumination without brightening-up the surroundings with large reflective components, i.e. in cinemas and conference rooms. Zones of light transition optically divide functional areas within a horizontal surface of others.


  • LED Downlights NERO ACCENT, asymmetrisch



If walls are to be emphasised as a peripheral and independent element, the lighting should draw out the contours as much as possible. The large-surface illumination of walls optically increases the size of the enclosed room.



Narrow beam

The "curtain of light" transforms the wall into an incorporeal production. The wall itself as an architectural element dissolves. The structure of the light becomes the actual architectural detail.


Wall and room-flooding

If walls - apart from fulfilling their function as architectural elements - are also to assume the function  of reflective surfaces for indirect  illumination, wallwash downlights can be deployed. This is because when arranged in the form of a grid in union with pure downlights, as well as their horizontal illumination they also integrate the wall itself in the lighting.


Broad beam

Long walls sometimes need to be interrupted with illumination at regular intervals so that the dimensions are perceived in the right proportions.


  • LED Downlights ALPHABET SPECTRA 60°

Wall mounted

When walls are to be visually separated for aesthetic reasons, optical background lighting situations can be achieved via closely arranged wallwashers that open-up spaces. If artificial skylight situations are to be suggested, this can be achieved with continuous wall-mounted light bands. This can also be productive where surface structures of the wall are to be emphasised with the aid of steep incidences of light.



Ceiling accents

Even with recessed ceiling light solutions, the ceiling does not necessarily have to mutate to a dark surface of room division. Light-optical accessories divide a proportion of the direct light and direct it towards the ceiling. The ceiling is partially brightened-up. In combination with light transmitting components that deliberately produce luminance on the optical accessory, the origin of the light source becomes a visible experience. This effect can be utilised for structural or guidance functions, but also for decorative purposes in order to demonstrate the importance of light.


  • LED Downlights ALPHABET ZONO with Corona Carré

Placing in the centre

When an object or a podium for presentation is to be brought into the limelight, an illumination from flatter angles is recommended in order to greatly increase the radiant intensity of the object in comparison to its surroundings. In the case of objects placed on a podium - for instance in a museum - floodlighting from a steep angle is more constructive. Firstly, in order to capture and accentuate the surface of the podium and secondly, in order the prevent the generation of  disturbing shadows when the viewer enters the area of the beam angle.


Deliberate emphasis

In order to illuminate smaller pictures and pillars, spotlights and floodlights with a homogenous quality of accentuation are the solution. If the surfaces to be illuminated are mirrored or highly polished, a lateral illumination should be chosen in order to avoid reflective glare. Steep angles of radiation accentuate textures better than flat angles, but often lead to annoying increases in shadow from the frame at the lower edges of the picture. In the case of large-format pictures, linear wallwash luminaires make more sense because they do not blot-out the information content of the pictures with disturbing cones of light.



Resolute resolution

When three luminaires are deployed, offset at 120°, a stronger plasticity occurs, independent of the direction of view. With four luminaires the plasticity disappears again, the round column becomes a pillar of light without a discernible form.



Reversing familiar visual experiences produces dramatic effects to the column illumination. The ceiling steps partially into the foreground. This is particularly interesting where the pillar reveals dramatic forms, for instance in the case of historical architecture.


  • LED Floor recessed Spotlights NERO ACCENT 3,3 W

Spatial effects

Depending upon the existing architecture, when illuminating round pillars or columns, it often makes more sense to place these in contrast to their surroundings rather than to accentuate them visually. This can be done with the aid of illuminating another surface of room division and the light reflected suffices in order to portray the plasticity of the pillar.


A matter of view

When illuminating with two luminaires, the positioning of the luminaires depends on the direction of view. The pillar still has two sides. A form of illumination that above all should be chosen in the case of square pillars.


  • LED Downlights ALPHABET SPECTRA spot 20°