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We have revised our product portfolio and still want to offer you popular product families on a project-specific basis. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you cannot find the version you are looking for. We can continue to offer you individual solutions.


The Flexibility of the Line

Adapt light perfectly to the geometry of your building! To live up to these requirements the flexible linear system offers elements with different radii and linear lengths. Therefore, nearly all contours can be imitated and a wide variety of shapes can be combined individually.

Free combination of radii and linear elements

  • Free array thanks to 3 combinable radii, other radii can be customised
  • Opal cover for homogeneous illumination
  • Direct and indirect light distribution ensures balanced shadowing
  • Integrated driver in the profile for an uncluttered ceiling appearance
  • Overlapping Liteoptics prevent direct insight into the LED