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We have revised our product portfolio and still want to offer you popular product families on a project-specific basis. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you cannot find the version you are looking for. We can continue to offer you individual solutions.


Minimalistic design for a wide variety of applications

Small light opening | Uniform ceiling cut-out | IP65

Our product family NERO MINI is the optimal solution when short payback periods are the focus. In addition to downlights for general illumination the range also includes spotlights for accent lighting. Different colour combinations make for additional visual accents - an ideal option for hospitality applications. 

NERO MINI is the family of compact recessed luminaires with a reflector diameter of only 43mm. Downlights, wallwashers and spotlights are available in five colour combinations and with four different lenses. This diversity makes them a good choice for wide and varied applications in hospitality and wherever light is meant to unobtrusively blend in with architecture. For more demanding requirements the Downlights are also supplied with IP65 mode of protection for closed ceiling systems. 

Colour Rendering Index Ra > 80

Constant colour temperature 3000/4000 K

Lifetime 50.000 h (L70)


Spotlights stress objects or structures in a room adding suspense to the overall impressions. At the same time, they direct visitors’ eyes to exhibits in stores or museums, for example. The resulting shadows make objects appear three-dimensional and bring them to life. Three beam spread angles allow that the light is perfectly tailored to the lighting task.

25° tilting - Inclination angle infinitely variable adjusted, also retrospectively from below

360° rotating - Scale for precise alignment from below