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We have revised our product portfolio and still want to offer you popular product families on a project-specific basis. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you cannot find the version you are looking for. We can continue to offer you individual solutions.


Individually and precisely focusable

PLT - Precision lens technology

The centrepiece of the new photometric system is the variable focusing unit. Comparable a camera lens, the unit can be infinitely varied so as to achieve various beam angles, even retroactively. In this way illumination of objects and surfaces can be designed individually and with maximum precision.

Temperature management for maximum efficiency

Performance and service life of LED luminaires depend largely on temperature management. The distinctive shape of the new heat sink is an expression of optimum heat dissipation by maximizing the surface area. Use of materials was reduced to a minimum by using a thermal simulation programme and borrowing the honeycomb structure found in nature.


The variable focusing unit is the centrepiece of the photometric system as with the downlights. Thanks to the printed scale, the beam spread angle of 24°-40° or of 35°-60° can be fine-tuned.

Optimal visual comfort from the black anti-glare cone

Wallwasher - Sophisticated lighting technology

The wallwashers of the ALPHABET FOCUS product range use Precision Lens Technology (PLT) for even and glare-free illumination of walls. As with all products in the ALPHABET FOCUS range, the primary lens ensures optimal light focusing. On a second plane the precisely calculated secondary lens system makes for precise and homogeneous light direction onto vertical surfaces. Moreover, the PLT System reduces backward stray light into the room to a minimum.

High wall coverage and even brightness
on the vertical surface

Reduces backward stray
light in the room

Fully recessed adjustable spotlights - Flexible and extremely luminous

The lower light centre of the recessed luminaires makes for a tilting range of up to 40°. Due to this the light can be directed to an extremely high point on the wall.

Recessed adjustable spotlights - Lighting technology with a consistent design

Seen from below the directional downlights look exactly the same as the conventional downlights. So thanks to this “family design” homogeneous ceiling layouts can even be achieved with combinations. 30° tiltable, inclination angle infinitely variable adjusted, also retrospectively form below.