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Until then, you are welcome to inquire about TZ-200 luminaires by phone or email.

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Creative ceiling design, without edges or corners

The cove lighting system enables creative design of ceilings especially in large rooms.

The gypsum cove elements with rounded contours are seamlessly integrated in plasterboard ceilings and form a homogeneously illuminated light cove without shadows or visible sharp edges or corners.

The arrangement of LED units in cove light

Using the adhesive film of the stripes, the LED stripes are glued into the prepared track in the cove element. Corresponding power supply units and control units are placed in the lower part of the cove element. LED stripes are connected to the power supply unit directly only and may not be extended and/or connected one after another.

Straight lines and quarter circles with varying radii, full circles, ovals or other free forms can be created. With LED luminaires, coloured light effects are possible it desired.

With LED luminaires, coloured light effects are possible if desired.