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Light as an aesthetic stand-alone office solution with state-of-the-art control

Design: rectangular
Design Version: Stehleuchte
colour: silber
Width [mm]: 310
Length [mm]: 695
Height/depth [mm] 1940
weight net [kg]: 14

The microprismatic light optics enable glare-free illumination of the work surface, the indirect light component creates a high level of uniformity and a pleasant room atmosphere.

Luminaire Luminous Flux [lm]: 7100
light cover: Acryl prismatisch
light symetry: symmetrical
Unified Glare Ratio UGR: 17
System efficiency (lm/W): 89
light direction: direct/indirect
Colour Temperature [K]: 3000
Colour Rendering Index: >80
control: DALI
Sensors: Präsenz-Tageslicht-S
control gear incl: 80
Nominal voltage: 230V 0/50/60Hz
life cycle: 50.000h (L80/B10)
Degree of protection: IP20
Protection class: I
control gear incl:
RRP[€] 789