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Architectural ceiling design - pure aesthetics

Recessed installation

A MAJOR DESIGN TOPIC is also reflected in new lighting concepts

The TZ-T fits seamlessly into suspended ceilings - the illumination is no longer in front of the wall or ceiling but is integrated into the architecture.

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Furthermore frameless, round TZ-T recessed luminaires with white acrylic cover with different diameters support the bright lighting concept and offer a high quality of stay for the clients.

The framless installation offers a maximum degree of reduction to stylistic perfection, but it can just as well be installed with a frame.

Representative lighting concept: TZ-T combined with TZ-200 light coves with a diameter of 240 cm offer homogeneous, indirect light, especially in large rooms this combination enables creative ceiling design.

Combination with TZ-200

Familienname: SPOT

Produktnummer: 139-003-100

Produktart: Einbauleuchte

Variante: Einbaugehäuse

Design: Reflektor weiß

Deckenausschnitt: 58

Einbauhoehetiefe: 70