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Timeless design - strong, efficient and durable

New classic

The futuristic design of the 60s has arrived today.

STRADA reminiscent of a successful classic - translated into the design language of today.

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STRADA consciously plays with familiarity

The design works in modern, unconventional architecture - and reinforces its expression.

Luminaire and light interact to produce the desired spacial effect.

Technical perfection

With a beam of 270° and absolutely uniform light distribution, the suspended tube system can illuminate any common area - the floor as well as vertical surfaces.

simple system just get started


In the STRADA system, the cable is already delivered fastened to the luminaire. This enables fast and safe power connection.


The lighting units are connected with each other by a simple plug-in solution to create a complete lighting system.


The suspension is fastened to the body of the luminaire with clips, without using tools. The clips can be pushed steplessly into position in line with the suspension points on the ceiling.


The STRADA system is all-inclusive: orders are placed for complete modules, with everything that is necessary included in the delivery. No need for accessories to be selected or ordered separately.

Familienname: SPOT

Produktnummer: 139-003-100

Produktart: Einbauleuchte

Variante: Einbaugehäuse

Design: Reflektor weiß

Deckenausschnitt: 58

Einbauhoehetiefe: 70