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Versatile in design - Varity of shapes, installations variants, choice of colours

First impression counts

ROTONDA in a foyer certainly provides that desired first impression.

The ROTONDA product family is  at home in even the largest rooms, thanks to its voluminous fabric shades in a variety of different forms.

Wether as a group, or an individual feature, wether elegantly coloured or strinkingly bold: ROTONDA makes a strong statement.

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Guaranteeing you the perfect solution for your foyer

Different designs and sizes form the creative base of the ROTONDA series.

3 designs for more variety of forms


Symmetric ceiling and pendant luminaire, annular version, optionally underside tapered 20° (Design R3) or vertical (Desing R1 and R2).


Asymmetric surface and pendant luminaire


Closed version, ceiling and pendant luminaire, optionally underside tapered 20° (design S2) or plan (design S1)

PLEASE specify the desired color of the lampshade behind the item number when ordering!


133-001-123-108-XXX-XXX (-outside-inside)



Coloured Chintz or pleated cloths blend well with the red or silver foil for added colour. Modified individual luminaires made to specification make special requirements possible!

Familienname: SPOT

Produktnummer: 139-003-100

Produktart: Einbauleuchte

Variante: Einbaugehäuse

Design: Reflektor weiß

Deckenausschnitt: 58

Einbauhoehetiefe: 70