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CLear and straightforward - glare-free light and transparent look

Innovative and visually elegant

The disk that lets the light through is lit by laterally mounted lighting. The disk is almost transparent when switched off - which gives it a pleasant APPEARANCE OF LIGHTNESS.

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Precise lighting technology high visual comfort

The built-in LIGHT CONTROL STRUCTURE (LCS) refracts the light at precisely precalculated points directing it into the room with no glare. This permits any arrangement of the luminaire, regardless of the orientation, while still complying with glare-limitation standards.

A daylight and presence sensor saves energy by switching the lamp on and off automatically as needed.

Familienname: SPOT

Produktnummer: 139-003-100

Produktart: Einbauleuchte

Variante: Einbaugehäuse

Design: Reflektor weiß

Deckenausschnitt: 58

Einbauhoehetiefe: 70