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Highest visual comfort combined with maximum efficiency

Great program diversity

ALPHABET ZONO family offers high-output LED downlights both round and square designed to set new standards in the downlight segment.

Thanks to numerous VERSIONS and SPECIAL DESIGNS, such as insect-proof designs or those with 49 mm recessed depth, this product line copes with just about any building challenge.

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Featuring a shielding angle of α > 30° the downlights afford PERFECT GLARE PROTECTION across the board, with ɣ 65° < 1000 cd/m² these downlights comply with the highest grade of glare control in accordance with EN12464-1 and are therefore suitable for all VDU applications. This is ideal if the display screen quality can only be defined at a later stage.


Thanks to the HIGHLY EFFICIENT LIGHT CHAMBER and the LIGHT-PROOF HOUSING light is only directed where it is needed. This makes for high output solutions of up to 3370 Llm with system efficiencies of up to 154 Llm/W, this results energy savings and SHORT PAY-BACK PERIODS.


Wallwasher-Downlights combine the UNIFORM, GENERAL ILLUMINATION benefits of downlights with the VERTICAL SURFACE ILLUMINATION advantages offered by wallwashers.

By combining both luminaire types in just one housing you save investment costs and obtain a consistent ceiling layout. Both the horizontal and vertical room peripheries are optimally and evenly lit.

Visible light

PMMA with multiple surface prisms for EXACT GLARE LIMITATION in combination with DISCREET CEILING ILLUMINATION. Integrated in a highly specular reflector for tool-free use in the luminaire module, safety suspension included.

DECORATIVE LIGHT OPTICS make the light pleasantly visible. Depending on the version, the light is scattered softly into the room or onto the ceiling. Architecturally, they set accents.

By using a protective pane or diffuser, the protection class of the luminaire can be upgraded to IP44 from below in closed ceiling systems.

Versions and special designs


CLEAN OPTICS for Connecting Passages and Canopies
PROTECTION CLASS IP54 and INSECT-PROOF - Because of the reflector space is encapsulated and the housing is lightproof, there are no insects on the lower cover screen. This guarantees a CONSTANT LIGHT DISTRIBUTION, REDUCES MAINTENANCE and provides a CLEAR CEILING APPEARANCE.


with as little as 49 mm RECESSED DEPTH

Air conditioning ducts or sprinkler systems very often limit the recess depth in suspended ceiling systems. The special designs in the ALPHABET ZONO range with only 49 mm RECESSED DEPTH, are the ideal problem solver.

Different performance levels are available in round or square shape, EFFICIENCY up to 164 Llm/W, PMMA cover with microbead technology


Adjusting luminous colours and levels of brightness dynamically and independently of each other - this is TunableWhite. By means of a DALI control the light can follow the COURSE of NATURAL DAYLIGHT: from a warm shade in the morning and evening to cool white around midday. This is how TunableWhite can add to WELL-BEING and IMPROVE PERFORMANCE especially at workplaces with less daylight.


The f3 mounting system permits unobtrusive ceiling integration with as little as 2 mm surface mounting height while reflector and mounting ring are flush. 


By using protective screens IP44 Mode of protection is achieved in closed ceiling systems. 



PLANAR RING - downlights with flush mounting system, the ring can be modified or changed to a Liteoptic additionally, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Familienname: SPOT

Produktnummer: 139-003-100

Produktart: Einbauleuchte

Variante: Einbaugehäuse

Design: Reflektor weiß

Deckenausschnitt: 58

Einbauhoehetiefe: 70