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Light and perception quality of a luminaire are not only dependant on its brightness, but especially its colour temperature. Dynamic lights opens a world of possibilities regarding precise lighting under changing requirements: it makes it possible to achieve variable settings ranging from warm white via neutral to cold white. 

This allows for an optimal lighting level of goods, such as seasonal produce for instance, in sales rooms and shops. It also finds its use in offices, schools and health care facilities, where it can achieve an imitation of the changing lighting conditions outside. This has a positive influence on the wellbeing of those who experience it. The fluent change from relaxing warm white to activating cold white helps stabilise the inner biological rhythm and promotes productivity and general wellbeing.

WarmDim - intelligent dimming 3000K - 1800K

Adjust the lighting to suit the occasion. Warm, dimmed lighting for a informal sit-down dinner in the evening or cool bright light for a conference - the change of the natural lighting milieu is now also realisable with efficient LED light. WarmDim luminaires deliver 3000K at full brightness and warm to 1800K at the lower dimming range. The lamp follows the black body curve at continuous dimming from 100% to 1%. As standard, the control is 1-10V, project related DALI applications are possible.

TunableWhite - biodynamic and individual

Adjusting luminous colours and levels of brightness dynamically and independently of each other - this is TunableWhite. By means of a DALI control the light can follow the course of natural daylight: from a warm shade in the morning and evening to cool white around midday. This is how TunableWhite can add to well-being and improve performance especially at workplaces with less daylight.

  • Adjustment of luminous colour 2700K warm white - 6500K cold white
  • Adjustment of brightness levels up to 100%