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Refurbishment - simply change

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Underground Station Museum Island Berlin

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Jazzhall Hamburg


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Underground Station Berlin

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Update - CRI 90 for all TENTEC luminaires


New product family


Miniaturisation and integrative lighting

New product family


High-quality lighting with skylight effect

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wir freuen uns im Team BRAND CORNER zu sein!

tentec zono is back!

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LED pays off

simple change

this concerns us all ...

... Products that are relevant to energy consumption need to be put to the test. Legal requirements for modern lighting systems are increasing, as is our environmental responsibility. We are thinking of potential savings in our resources and the reduction of energy, operating and maintenance costs. We are convinced that the use of the latest, efficient technologies, consistent application orientation and discussion with you will bring us closer to our goal of making our environment sustainably more liveable through intelligent light.

Advantages of state-of-the-art LED technology compared to classic lighting with compact fluorescent lamps are the longer service life of 50,000 hours and thus the reduction of operating and maintenance costs by up to 68 %, higher system efficiency with relevant energy and corresponding CO2 savings, the possibility of adapting the light colour to the use of the room and lower heat radiation into the room, thus saving air conditioning costs. Learn more ...

pure integration

The narrow, surface-flush light channels blend extremely harmoniously into the futuristic appearance of the overall architecture and support the building's interior design. Luminaires that are organically adapted to the interior design and are completely integrated into walls or ceilings mark an exciting interface between technically sophisticated lighting technology and creative finishing performance. Such solutions can usually only be realised with high additional costs and complex coordination between the luminaire manufacturer, the installer and the contractor. SCHMITZ-WILA provides a high-quality solution to this problem from a single source - our G-CONCEPT.