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The newly built headquarters make a distinct statement for urban architecture. With its open-plan conception for 30,000 square meters spread over six storeys, the ZF Forum is far more than just the company headquarters. In its exhibition it also allows visitors to gain insights into ZF’s history and presence as well as a glance at the future.

ZF is a leading international technology group specialized in drive and chassis technology as well as active and passive safety technology. At the ZF Forum the company has put into a practice a concept that is unique in its own right. Under one roof it fuses modern office workstations with other functions that convey the nature of the ZF Forum as an open house and conveyor of knowledge. For the exhibition area that sheds some light on the 100-year company history using numerous exhibits, ALPHABET SPECTRA Downlights by lighting specialist WILA were selected for accent lighting thanks to their excellent light quality.

These luminaires not only boast an outstanding CRI value of 98 but also – when arranged in groups – display no perceivable colour deviations. The deviation of ALPHABET SPECTRA luminaires is as low as 1x2-step Mac Adams – corresponding to a colour temperature of approx. +/- 50 K. These quality criteria are maintained almost completely stable because even after 5 years of continuous operation all luminaires still are within max. 3-step MacAdams ellipses.

Just as striking is the ceiling design with cone-shaped recesses. Mounted at the end is an ALPHABET ZONO Downlight – also made by WILA – for efficient basic illumination. Thanks to its highly efficient light chamber and light-proof housing high-output solutions of up to 3370 Llm and system efficiencies of up to 142 Llm/W are achievable with this product family. The illumination of the truncated cone inside provides for lively ceiling illumination here, otherwise only attainable with direct/indirect pendant luminaires. The Downlights used here were supplied in a custom TunableWhite design where luminous colour and brightness can be adjusted dynamically and independent of each other. This is an ideal solution for varying room uses such as evening events, for example.

Project data

Architecture: Büro Münzing, Stuttgart
Lighting design: LDE Belzner Holmes, Stuttgart
Photography: Büro Münzing, Stuttgart - Tom Ziora


ALPHABET ZONO Downlight R18, 60°, version TunableWhite