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Thanks to the special lighting concept the centre für radiology and age-related diseases in the St. Vinzenz Hospital in Dinslaken - designed by Fuchtenkord architects - a high quality of stay is given.

The TZ-100 lighting channels enable a glare-free illumination of the corridor area thanks to the asymmetrical and indirect lighting. With this complete solution - consisting of luminaires including prefabricated gypsum elements for dry-wall construction - a fuller use while the montage and installation is guaranteed due to the optimal interaction of electro and ceiling elements. The installation channels are installed in frameless plasterboard ceilings. At last, the aluminum profiles and expansion luminaires are inserted.

The round CLEAR luminaires with their direct/indirect light distribution and a diameter to 350mm to 900mm creates a vibrant spatial impression.

At the reception counter you can additionally find S55 pendant luminaires. Their linear lamp housing made from aluminum fits perfectly in to the architectural context. With its satined acryl glass cover the luminaire guarantees and standard work light and a slight brightening-up of the ceilings.

The luminaires in the treatment rooms match to the requirements of the medical staff team. Six special dimmable luminaires have been used, the brightness is regulable and offers a relaxing atmosphere.

Project data

Architecture: Füchtenkord Architekten, Langenfeld
Developer: St. Vinzenz-Hospital, Dinslaken
Electrical design: Mosko Dorsten
Electrician: Lobmeier & Punsmann, Schermbeck
Photography: Constantin Meyer, Köln


TZ-100 Recessed channel
CLEAR Wall and ceiling luminaires
S55 Pendant luminaires