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When the lighting design for a bank is created, the focus lies on the customer and target group as well as on the employees, since they stay in the building for the longest duration. In addition, it has to be clearly visible when the branch is open. A branch bank consists of various areas, the entrance zone should appear open and friendly, the self-service space with ATMs should have a high light level and the lighting of the customer advisory area should create a balanced and inviting atmosphere.

All these aspects apply to Sparkasse Gevelsberg. The management of the branch was looking for an appealing, modern lighting solution, since the old lighting design was based on conventional light sources and was not reaching the intended lighting performance and illuminance anymore. The new lighting design took place in the course of a complete refurbishment of the customer hall. The lighting designer Nicole Kober from LDE Kober Lichtplaner had the target to create the new lighting solution. The previous lighting was based on WILA products, mainly TC-TEL 2 x 26 W. This was one of the reasons for including WILA in the selection process for supplying products for the new lighting. Requirement was that the new products fit into the openings of the existing luminaire pattern. To adapt to modern technology, to save energy and to reduce maintenance, the lighting solution should be based on LED.

The aim of LDE Kober was to create a warm welcome in the entrance area. The lighting should appear as a ray of sunlight. Therefore, it has to be taken into account that the higher the indoor illuminance level compared to outdoor is, the faster the human eye is able to adjust to the contrast created through daylight meeting artificial light. For the customer this means it is much more pleasant to enter the bank. The importance of a high illuminance level especially applies to the customer hall as there is not much daylight present. In the customer hall LDE Kober worked with diffuse light in neutral white, 4000K. The aim was again to create powerful light with high luminance and clarity.

After sampling and comparing various manufacturers, WILA was selected. The reasons were the performance of the products regarding wattage and output as well as the degree of efficiency and the quality. In addition WILA could give valuable input for the project solution due to his considerable experience and especially consult concerning the product selection for this retrofit, to guarantee the freedom to design. The target was that the new luminaires fit as a retrofit solution in the existing ceiling cut outs. The downlight TENTEC ZONO 50W with 4000K was chosen. Nearly 200 luminaires have been replaced and enable, depending on the dimming, an energy saving of up to 75%. Up to 1000 lux are possible with the new lighting solution through using a DALI control system and therefore the requirements of the Sparkasse of a significant increase of the illuminance have been fulfilled.

Project data

Lighting design: Kober Lichtplanung LDE, Nicole Kober
Photography: WILA


ALPHABET SPECTRA Spotlights and Downlights
TENTEC ZONO Downlights