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The MONA shopping center in Munich, designed by Steidle architects, offers an exciting shopping world on a total area of 28,000 m². In addition to retail stores, the building complex also includes restaurants, offices, a medical center and parking areas. Another special feature is the direct access to the subway station. The building was conceived as a "green building" under the guiding principle of sustainability and successfully certified with the seal LEED gold (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).

The lighting concept is based on the organic interior design. Directional spotlights from the ALPHABET SPECTRA product family with a half-beam angle of 60° were used for even basic lighting. These luminaires not only stand out with an excellent Ra-index of 98 but also provide consistently high values for saturated colours. Therefore ALPHABET SPECTRA permits the implementation of high-quality lighting solutions in a daylight-like quality - perfect for retail areas.


Another benefit is the uniform luminous colour for all luminaires. Luminaires arranged in groups should not display any visible luminous colour differences. This is of particular importance when using spotlights or wallwashers for vertical illumination tasks. For ALPHABET SPECTRA luminaires this deviation is as low as 1x2-step MacAdams corresponding to a colour temperature of approx. +/-50K. This quality criterion is maintained almost 100% over the entire lifecycle since even after 5 years of permanent operation all luminaires still post a max. of 3-step MacAdams Ellipses. For LEDs such a stable colorimetric locus is unique on the market and guaranteed as a quality feature for 5 years.

In addition, the used directional spotlights have a special white anti-glare cone. In combination with the standard mounting ring with a visible height of only 2mm, the luminaires integrate perfectly into the ceiling. In addition to the green "ribbons", the ceiling design is a decisive feature of the lively appearance of the MONA shopping center.


Project data

Architecture: Steidle Architekten, Munich
Lighting design: Tropp Lighting Design, Weilheim
Photography: Eberhard Franke, Munich


Special solution with Cone