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The newly built connection path between the visitors’ parking lot and the Möhnesee dam steeped in history now sparkles in a new light. To not interfere with the vistas of the historical building and the landscape the developers in charge opted for a lighting solution unobtrusively integrated into the new handrail.

Built in flush with the lower edge of the handrail PUCKs are nearly invisible during the day but in the evening the light emitted by the little LED spots of just 1.5W illuminates the barrier-free access in compliance with the relevant standards. This ensures that visitors also feel safe when visiting the dam during evening hours.


The PUCK lighting system was specifically developed for flush-mounted integration into the profile bottom of handrails. Because of individually arranged units, the variable system can be used both with straight lines and all radii. Retrofitting is also possible.

Depending on the design, the LED is protected against destruction by a lens of hardened polycarbonate. The resilience of all visible parts corresponds to impact resistance class IK10 (EN 62262). A special tool for removing the PUCKs provides protection against theft. 


Project data

Photography: WILA


PUCK Luminaires for handrails