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The library of the Bavarian state parliament serves as a source of information for members of parliament, the parliamentary groups and parliamentary admin staff. The library contains some 60,000 volumes in total and has approx. 300 current issues of magazines at politicians’ disposal. Focal publications include legal literature, current political literature as well as general encyclopaedia and publications on Bavarian regional and cultural studies as well as Bavarian history.

The parliament library is located in re-designed rooms in the basement of the old building. The reading hall offers the library’s open-access collections and six workstations for users. The lighting concept came care of Schmidt König Lichtplaner from Munich.

Used here were ALPHABET SPECTRA luminaires made by lighting specialist WILA. This extensive product family includes recessed Downlights and spotlights in circular and square designs with different luminous outputs and beam spread angles, but all with the same diameter to ensure a harmonious ceiling layout. On top of this, the product range is offered in two different light qualities: alongside the products with a colour rendering index of CRI83, a second line is supplied with highest colour rendering indexes across the entire colour spectrum. These luminaires not only score points with an outstanding CRI value of 98 but also boast consistently high values for saturated colours. By achieving R9 (red) >90 or R15 (skin tone) >95 the ALPHABET SPECTRA excels at realising high-quality lighting solutions in near-daylight quality – ideal for relaxed reading in a library.

In addition to this, WILA currently offers the highest colour homogeneity for LED luminaires with 1x2 SDCM (Standard Deviation of Colour Matching) with luminous colours of 2700K (super warm white), 3000K (warm white) and 4000K (neutral white).

Project data
Lighting design: Schmidt König Lichtplaner, Munich
Architecture: frank & friker architekten, Munich
Developer: Staatliches Bauamt Munich 2
Photography: Michael Heinrich, Munich