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By expanding Jungheinrich AG headquarters at their rich in tradition base in Hamburg-Wandsbek all group divisions were united in one location. In addition to the office space, there is now room for  training areas, an auditorium and a video conference area. The design and implementation was based and carried out on high sustainability requirements.

Thus, linear pendant luminaires from the S55 family were used, in an efficiency-enhanced version with micro prisms especially developed for offices. Round CLEAR pendant luminaires with a diameter of 625 mm add a decorative character to the space. At the customer’s request, both types of luminaires were equipped with daylight and presence detectors to further reduce energy costs.


Project data

Architecture: Reichardt + Partner, Hamburg
Planner: ELP Elektro-plan, Vreden
Project management: Drees & Sommer
Installer: Bauer Elektroanlagen GmbH, NL Hamburg
Photography: Walter Schießwohl, Hamburg


S55 OFFICE Pendant luminaires
CLEAR Pendant luminaires
with daylight and presence detectors