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Not only from outside but from inside the gymnasium of the community Grünwald in Bavaria shows quality. It is the first German school where all class rooms are provided with biodynamic lighting.

The gymnasium Grünwald in Upper Bavaria consists of areas for education, the cafeteria building, gymnasium, the caretaker's apartments and associated leisure facilities, such as the schoolyard. It has 34 general classrooms, 10 music, drawing, crafts and sewing areas, as well as a photo lab. There are also 11 classrooms reserved for natural sciences. As part of a coherent overall concept, the degree of identification of the individual parts of the building is very high.

The floors, staircases and relaxation areas have a mix of grand dimensional CLEAR surface-mounted luminaires in a special mounted version and efficient TENTEC ZONO downlights with high quality. Especially the combination of flat and accentuated lighting set architectural accents. The inclination of the CLEAR surface-mounted luminaires by 4° additionally provides exciting aspects in the design. The formal reduction and subtle materiality of aluminum and white acrylic predestined the CLEAR family as a starting point for the architectural ceiling design.

To realize biodynamic lighting especially designed lighting strip system were used. As a special feature, the system used allows for three different light sources with different colour temperatures. The choice of light colour and dimming of the system can therefore be used to individualize lighting and the settings can be saved in four light scenes. A cool white, bluish light, for instance, is similar to daylight and promotes activity and concentration, especially in the dark winter months or early in the morning. A warm light colour, on the other hand, has a soothing effect. Independently from the light colour, the intensity of the lights can be adjusted to the task at hand through dimming.

For the conference and office spaces lighting designer Hubert Saegmüller of Lichttechnik & Design decided to use the VARIATIC pendant luminaires because of its glare-free parabolic louvre and UGR <19 due to the clear design and high level of visual comfort.

Project data

Architecture: BKS Bauer, Kurz, Stockburger & Partner, Munich
Lighting design: H. Saegmüller, Lichttechnik & Design, Starnberg
Electrical design: IB Knab, Munich
Photography: Eberhard Franke, Munich;


Pendant luminaires with biodynamic lighting
TENTEC ZONO Semi-recessed luminaires
CLEAR Surface luminaires
VARIATIC Pendant luminaires