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In the process of developing a new interior concept the optician retail chains Eye Wish in the Netherlands and Grand Optical in Belgium planned to upgrade their lighting concept from CDM-T to LED. Both retail chains are owned by Grandvision.

After sampling various light fittings the company decided on square wall washers from WILA with a 26 degree reflector for both brands. The reasons were that the dimensions, shape and the light output integrated perfectly with the design concept of the shops. In the process of transitioning to LED, WILA then also supplied the general lighting in the form of downlights inside stainless steel rings as well as cove lighting. This lighting solution is now in use or going to be implemented in the stores in the Netherlands and Belgium.


In terms of lighting technology a 3000 lumen output version of the wall washer was selected. The main reasons to change to LED lighting were to reduce the installed overall wattage and to gain the significant maintenance benefit that comes with installing LED lighting. A xicato LED module is used in the wall washer which guarantees constant colour quality and excellent colour rendering which is vitally important in a retail environment.

For the downlights ALPHABET SPECTRA fully recessed adjustable spotlights, also equipped with a xicato module, and TENTEC ZONO have been chosen. In addition LED strips have been installed as cove lighting to create a balanced lighting atmosphere. For shops with a higher ceiling WILA designed a second wall washer specific for this application, to provide the customer the freedom to design. This second wall washer was adapted with a 42 degree reflector.

The project was comprised of retrofits as well as new builds. In addition some stores were relocated so that for each store a new individual lighting solution had to be created. So far around 40 stores in the Netherlands and 20 stores in Belgium have been fitted out with WILA luminaires. The post-evaluation of Grandvision now that the new luminaires have been installed is thoroughly positive and customers of the stores benefit from the improved light quality due to the implementation of the latest LED technology. Through this, Eye Wish and Grand Optical establish themselves as innovative retail chains that provide a modern shopping experience for their customers.

Project data

Grand Optical, Belgium and Eye Wish, Netherlands
Lighting design: WILA Lichttechnik, Germany
Photography: Mathilde Dusol, Netherlands


Wallwasher 26 degrees and 42 degrees
ALPHABET SPECTRA Adjustable Spotlights 18W
LED Strip 14,4W/m 4000K for cove lighting