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Thanks to its new lighting situation Gasteig today invitingly welcomes its approx. 6,000 daily visitors to the Munich Philharmonic, the University for Music and Theatre, the Adult Education Centre and the Municipal Library. From the light-rail train station as a point of departure, but also all along the stairways, the illumination intuitively guides visitors to the entrance of the Gasteig building. Obsolete luminaires at the interface to the light-rail station were replaced by linear LED lights while the passageway to the Culture Centre is illuminated by asymmetrical luminaires.

For the numerous stairways the LED PUCK system, which was specifically developed for flush integration into metal handrails, ensures safety-focused illumination of the stairs. Furthermore, the small yet efficient light sources (1.6W), which have a service life of some 50,000 hours, provide atmospheric lighting for the neighbouring masonry with warm white light of 3,000 Kelvin. To ensure the long service life is not shortened by vandalism these LEDs are protected against destruction thanks to special lenses in hardened polycarbonate. The impact resistance of all visible parts corresponds to class IK10 (EN62262). The high Mode of Protection (IP65) ensures that no jet water can ingress into the LED PUCKs when the stairways are being cleaned.

Especially with a view to increasing a sense of security the formerly dark passage is now lit with a sufficient number of E-Connect, recessed ceiling luminaires equipped with 35W HIT lamps. For recessing the downlights bay modules were inserted into the ceiling grid structure. To ensure a permanently clean look of the glass cover, minimised maintenance and constant light distribution the splash-water-proof E-Connect downlight is insect-proof complying with IP65. With an illuminance of up to 200lux the downlights in the previously dark passageways now make for a pleasantly bright environment giving a sense of security.

Project data

Lighting design: Ulrike Brandi Licht, Munich
Photography: Jörn Hustedt, Hamburg


PUCK Luminaires for handrails