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Built in 1969 to the plans of the architect Paul Baumgarten, the time had now come to bring the building technology of the heritage-protected Federal Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe back into line with state-of-the-art technology. This concerned the areas air condition, fire protection, energy efficiency and, of course, lighting. During the redevelopment however, the historical ceilings had to be reconstructed. In the context of this measure, the building was given a more efficient lighting system. 

The joint pattern, the format and the structure of the heritage-protected ceiling were transferred perfectly to the modern cooling ceiling. The new lighting also had to be adapted to the existing heritage-protection requirements, and had to assume the original appearance. To reduce operating and maintenance costs, efficient LED downlights were installed instead of the previous downlights with compact fluorescent lamps. Thanks to standardised diameters, the current LED downlights also fit into the existing ceiling cut-outs without additional work being required - in this case into the reconstruction of the original ceiling system.

Advantages of the latest LED technology compared to classic lighting with compact fluorescent lamps are the higher useful life of 50,000 hours with the resulting reduction of up to 68% in operating and maintenance costs, greater system efficiency with relevant energy and corresponding CO2 savings, the possibility of adapting the luminous colour to the use of the room and lower heat emission into the room, thus saving on air conditioning costs.

The result is a new ceiling that combines the aesthetics of the 1960s with the latest building technology.

Project data

Architecture: Assem Architekten, Karlsruhe
Lightiong design: Carpus & Partner, Aachen
Developer: Bundesrepublik Deutschland, vertreten durch Staatliches Hochbauamt Karlsruhe
Photography: Stefan Baumann, Karlsruhe,


TENTEC ZONO Downlights