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The Halle District Court is one of the most elaborate Palaces of Justice built in former Prussia and one of the most important in terms of architectural history.

Until this very day visitors are especially overwhelmed by the unique colour and language of form of its staircase, exuding an almost sacred feel. As part of the renovation the lighting of the staircase as a central access to all floors and court rooms was to be adapted to today’s requirements. At the same time, requirements from the field of preservation of historic monuments had to be taken into consideration. 

Lighting designer Anke Augsburg and her team met this challenge. So as not to interfere with the look of the listed building, an illumination concept was needed that would seamlessly blend in with the architecture. Since the upper floor of the staircase ends in a vault it was not possible to integrate the illumination system into the ceiling. 

The solution came in the form of high-performance LED-based PUCK system for handrails. Consuming as little as 1.5W per light point, the centre of the steps was illuminated with 100lx - efficiently and in compliance with the relevant standards.

Thanks to the warm white luminous colour used (3000K) the architectural effect of the historic stairwell could be presented in detail. Recessed in a second, unobtrusive aluminium handrail that was placed in front of the historical one, the light source is not perceived. And due to the reduced dimension of the LED PUCKs, the system can be sunk flush into round and square handrails measuring from 38mm inside diameter and 1.5mm wall thickness. This was also important in order not to exceed the dimensions specified by the architect for the handrail. In terms of lighting design the system also offers added value: illumination can be optimised even further by the offset between and the beam angle of the light sources. Thanks to flexible, individual arrays, the LED lighting system can be used both in straight and curved arrays, which was particularly necessary given the small radii at the Halle court building. 

Retrofitting is also possible. Depending on the version LED PUCK is also suitable for outdoor applications and is vandal-proof. The strength of all visible parts here complies with impact resistance rating IK10 (EN62262).

“Sensitive handling of the structure and unobtrusive luminaire positioning were part of our fundamental design approach. The solution achieves the required illuminance levels for the stairs without a problem. It is a solution that pleasantly fuses with the overall concept,” sums up Anke Augsburg.

Project data

Architecture: NPS tschoban voss GmbH & Co.KG
Lighting design: Anke Augsburg Licht, Leipzig
Photography: Katia Klose, Leipzig


PUCK Luminaires for handrails