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The architecturally sophisticated building is also illuminated by lighting specialist SCHMITZ | WILA from Arnsberg. The desire for an individual lighting concept attracts the visitor at the reception.

The German-Austrian manufacturer of cooktop extractors is one of the innovation leaders in this segment and has received several international awards. Accordingly, the reception with adjoining foyer is already a statement. The unusual counter is covered by a wooden construction. In combination with the filigree STRONG 40 creates an exciting dynamic, which also meets the requirements of the VDU workstation. The side walls with their photos are illuminated for optimum homogeneous illumination with linear wallwashers, also from the STRONG 40 product family.

Another highlight are the tea kitchens for the employees. The light is perfectly integrated into the architecture. The installation system with the satinated cover PUBLIC directs the light diffusely into the room and creates a homogenous basic illumination.

Project data 

Architecture: Guggenbichler + Wagenstaller, Rosenheim
Lighting design: Licht im Werkhaus, Raubling
Photography: Josefine Unterhauser, Bad Reichenhall


STRONG 40 Surface luminaire
STRONG 40 Recessed luminaire