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In time for BMW’s 100-year anniversary celebrations the freshly renovated BMW showroom Becker-Tiemann in Stadthagen was introduced to the public. The modern sales room and the perfectly adapted lighting with downlights was planned by Homeier Solution Technology, made a crucial contribution to the new look and feel.

In addition to the design aspects BMW also made clear specifications regarding the layout and illumination of functional areas and vehicles. The building interior is divided up into reception, office and display zones. Placed in the centre of the display zone is the so-called “Road” where BMW vehicles are presented in a dynamic manner. To ensure perfect colour rendering for the vehicles BMW placed a lot of emphasis on Downlights with a high colour rendering index of Ra>85. This gives shoppers extra assurance for their buying decision because LEDs avoid colour distortions especially in the red range.

In contrast to this, BMW specified a warmwhite luminous colour of 3000K for the reception and office zones rather than the neutral white 4000K for the “Road”. The floor and furniture elements are made of wood in warm tones, which are shown off to their best advantage here. The aim is to create a feel-good atmosphere for shoppers. 

The TENTEC ZONO family of downlights stood out from competitors’ products with its high quality of light, product quality and diversity of types. To comply with the specifications for the luminaire array in the “Road” zone, designers opted for TENTEC ZONO downlights with a 90° beam spread angle. This allows the vehicle surface to be lit evenly without a line of downlights above the vehicle centre. In the sales zones outside the “Road” glare-free downlights with y 65°<1000cd/m² and an UGR value of <19 are used for highest visual comfort.

Another quality feature is the very high efficiency of TENTEC ZONO downlights of 100Llm/W. “In combination with daylight-based control and the automatic night setting the new illumination system now consumes clearly less energy against the industry benchmark despite higher illuminances. At the same time, our illumination concept shows the significant role that thoroughly researched lighting design plays for the visual impression overall,” says Johannes Homeier of Planungsbüro HST. 


Project data

Lighting design: Homeier Solution Technology (HST), Nienstädt
Photography: WILA


TENTEC ZONO Downlights