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The two prominent facade projections are lit by LED PUCKs. A 50mm diameter extruded curved aluminium tube incorporating 1.6W LEDs, to follow the building curve and to wash the soffit. The spiral stairs inside are also illuminated by PUCKs for handrails in accordance with standards. Thanks to the individual LED units, the system can be used both with straight lines and all radii.

3-in-1 multifunctional lighting, due to the modular frame, the lighting can be combined with building functions in just one housing system - in this case with loud speakers, smoke detectors or sprinklers. The system saves installation and maintenance costs and gives you a clean and clear ceiling.


Project data

Architecture: Pascal + Watson, London
Electrical design: Arup Lighting Design, London
Photography: H-C Brinkschmidt, Hamburg


PUCK Luminaires for handrails
Special solution multifunctional chain frame