ZF Forum, Friedrichshafen
Architecture: Büro Münzing, Stuttgart
Lighting design: LDE Belzner Holmes, Stuttgart
Photography: Büro Münzing, Stuttgart - Tom Ziora


Villa Moos at Lake Constance
Architecture: Biehler Weith Associated, Constancy
Lighting design: Schmidt König Lichtplaner, Munich
Photography: Brigida Gonzales, Stuttgart


Baader Bank, Unterschleißheim
Architecture: Architekturbüro Baader, Munich
Planning: Ingenieurbüro Pfeuffer, Munich
Photography: foto Krumnow, Bannewitz


Canary Wharf Office Building
Lighting design: Hilson Moran, Great Britain
Photography: Chris Hill - Flux Films, Great Britain


Maximilianeum Munich
Lighting design: Schmidt König Lichtplaner, Munich
Architecture: frank & friker architekten, Munich
Owner: Staatliches Bauamt München 2
Photography: Michael Heinrich, Munich


BORA GmbH Niederndorf
Architecture: Guggenbichler + Wagenstaller, Rosenheim
Lighting design: Licht im Werkhaus, Raubling
Photography: Josefine Unterhauser, Bad Reichenhall


Klosterkirche Attel
Lighting design: Schmidt König, Munich
Photography: Michael Heinrich, Munich



The entrance area of the Sophie Barat School opens into a spacious atrium that extends over two storeys with exposed-concrete seating steps and opens up the view through a glass front to the schoolyard.

CLEAR ceiling luminaires with a mix of direct and indirect light components set exciting accents and illuminate the atrium homogeneously.

1 to 0 for the light

The 410 m² sports hall in the basement features specifically developed ball-proof TENTEC downlights. Due to the secured protective screen made of thick PMMA, the LED is perfectly protected, further, due to well planned illumination, the ball is always perfect to see.

Good view from every seat

In the new classrooms, the furniture is often rearranged in rows, U-shapes or groups of tables, this places high demands on the glare-free view in the room.

The surface-mounted luminaires with high-precision microprismatic technology are the perfect solution for rooms with changing uses due to their all-round glare control.

The board lighting is provided by downlights from the ALPHABET ZONO product family. Featuring a shielding angle of α > 30° the downlights afford perfect glare protection across the board thereby complying with the highest quality class EN12464-1.


Sophie-Barat-Schule Hamburg
Owner: Erzbistum Hamburg
Architecture: Haslob, Kruse und Partner, Bremen
Planning: IWP Ingenieure, Schaller Warnke Peters Partnerschaft, Elmshorn
Installer: Fritsche Elektrotechnik, Norderstedt
Photography: Jan Haeselich, Hamburg


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