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About us

Warm welcome

New designs 70's


WILA: Orientation as an innovative pioneer for compact downlights
SCHMITZ: Projekt business as a second pillar


Founding of the WILA company  (Wwe. Wilh. von Hagen)
Production of metal products


WILA first production of luminaires
Josef Schmitz founded the SCHMITZ company

the sign of the times ...

We stand for

intelligent, high-quality and aesthetic lighting solutions.

Lighting quality, design and aesthetics, environmental friendliness, safety and economy are important to us.

We focus on innovative luminaire concepts with lighting, operating and installation technology that helps to save installation, energy and maintenenance costs.

In short: Intelligent technology that pays off in the long term.

Your problem is our challenge.

We offer you lighting solutions tailored to your needs, tailor-made for your project.

You design and we supply you with the lighting tools you need for your work.

Flexibility is very important to us, we want a lively dialogue with you.

Talk to us, we will find a product variant that suits your needs.


we are happy to be part of the BRAND CORNER team!

BRAND CORNER is a group of industrial companies that began operations in 1987, with an extensive international presence and a global business vision.

We are dynamic and entrepreneurial.

SCHMITZ | WILA is looking forward to a long-term and sustainable partnership, a solid financial basis, many years of management experience and a human, efficient and uncomplicated cooperation.

Among our goals we highlight:

Stable, qualitative growth


Creation of new jobs

Modern lighting for indoors and outdoors, Mediterranean inspired, with fine details and handmade materials

Architectural and decorative lighting for indoor and outdoor spaces with exceptional logistics platform (95% - 24-hour shipping)

Lighting for urban spaces, infrastructures, tunnels, parks and gardens, sports and industrial facilities

Manufacture of disposal medical devices (hygiene and antisepsis solutions) complementary products for the hospital environment and for nursing and care of the elderly

Products by industry: Bags, labels or security seals

High-end seating solutions for public spaces, innovative and creative chairs for furnishing restaurants, hotels and private homes

Waste paper baskets and accessories for offices, public spaces, corporate interiors and homes

Kitchen and cleaning appliances such as blenders, kettles and hoovers, to clothes care, such as ironing and steam cleaning, to seasonal products, such as heaters and fans

Equipment for the transport, distribution and storage of fuels and liquefied gases (air gases, LPG, LNG), cryogenics expert

Prefabricated concrete structures for flats, shopping centres, multi-storey car parks, industrial buildings

Production of corrugated sheets with a wide range of carcasses, papers and weights, for primary and secondary packaging applications, POS, cartoning or laminating

Production of high-precision technical parts from plastic injection moulding for consumer electronics, automotive, leisure, construction, biomedicine, furniture


Industry-specific know-how, expertise, experience and knowledge


Success means the success of the joint work of all employees, here at SCHMITZ | WILA and the entire BRAND CORNER Group


Easy assembly, installation and maintenance, low energy consumption, high flexibility and sustainable performance



SCHMITZ | WILA is the specialist for individual light in architecture. Our technical and high-quality lighting tools are perfectly suited for the implementation of sophisticated interior lighting concepts. The areas of application range from traffic to work and communication zones. Thanks to its lighting and design expertise, SCHMITZ | WILA is your perfect partner for individual lighting solutions in the market.

With our partners in the lighting sector, we are in a position to grow further, to expand our export regions and to use the joint product portfolio to meet our customers' every need even better. With the new structure, we are creating the basis for a successful, joint future.

Specialist for individual lighting in architecture

Wide-ranging luminaire programme

The wide range of luminaires from SCHMITZ | WILA combines functional design and clear aesthetics with precise and efficient lighting technology.

Quality & design

Quality, design and the use of state-of-the-art lighting technologies give SCHMITZ | WILA luminaires a top position in the market.

Modular construction

The modular design of many products allows quick adaption to your individual needs.

People as the source of our success, the contribution of each individual is important so that we can continue to create intelligent, innovative and high-quality lighting solutions for our customers in the future.

Anything goes

Like any other language, the language of form is constantly in flux, "form follows function" replaces kitsch and ornamentation with purism.

Paul Feyerabend's philosophy of "anything goes" has long since found its way into design and architecture, leading to new design products. From the alternative "form follows nature" - to the hedonistic "form follows fun".

SCHMITZ | WILA is a fervent advocate of the "anything goes" approach and wholly committed the removing all barriers to freedom of design in architectural lighting.

The point of reference for interior lighting design is the character of the room that is to be illuminated. Designers with more elevated aspirations, however, give consideration not only to the purely technical and economic requirements, but also to aesthetic aspects.

In such cases, the ambient architecture is a determining factor in the choice of components for the desired lighting solution.

First impressions are crucial

designers are delighted, therefore, that SCHMITZ | WILA luminaires can accommodate every kind of character and reputation.

Some like it utilitarian and dispassionate, while others prefer emotion and melodrama. With SCHMITZ | WILA luminaires you can put on just about any kind of stage show. From subtle highlights in small, elegant designer stores to brilliant light shows in shopping malls. From cool understatement to prestigious lighting schemes.

Good lighting is good for the soul

Creating a sociable or intimate atmosphere is one of the things that lighting does best. The SCHMITZ | WILA luminaires anables you to create your own oasis of calm with a personalised combination of background and accentuating lighting in both private and commercial properties.

Lightening the mood in the office

In the workplace, ergonomics and the increasingly important sense of well-being are sometimes uneasy companions. For successful companies that combine function with inspiration in their offices, it stands to reason, therefore, that creative architectural lighting plays a key role.

The SCHMITZ | WILA luminaires enables you to produce a pleasant and motivating working atmosphere, from the foyer and the conference suite to informal meeting rooms. At the same time, it gives you an opportunity to present the corporate culture and image in the right light.


Experience light in action on almost 200 m²

Even if communication is becoming increasingly digital, the "physical" encounter with a company and its products remains immensely important. The need to hold the products in one's hands, to look at them and try them out, to create encounters. Our showroom concept combines lighting experience with exciting insider knowledge and know-how on the topics of lighting quality, lighting planning and design.